Undelete 360

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a tool that recovers deleted files

Undelete 360 is tool that allows users to recover their deleted data. If you've accidentally deleted some important files or you've deleted files that you thought you had no use for, then Undelete 360 is the perfect solution for your problems. The interface is easy-to-use and it will efficiently guide you through the recovery process. When you run it you will notice two tabs: the first is for recovery and the second one is for wiping files. The recovery can be performed with ease. First, choose the partition where the file was. If you don't know where the file was before deletion, then you may just select all partitions and hit "Start". When the search is done Undelete 360 will display a results-screen with all the files that were found on your selected partitions. It will also show the chances of successful recovery for each file. You can easily browse the lists and look for the files you need to recover. Each file has a status that shows the chances of being successfully recovered. This status can indicate a condition of each file that varies from very good to bad. The "bad" status indicates that the chances of recovery are low. A "very good" status shows really high chances of successful recovery. The most important factor
that affects the status of the files is usually the date when the file was deleted (day, month, hour). Briefly, Undelete 360 is a recommended solution for anyone that has important data on their hard-disks and want to ensure they can recover it.

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  • Support for 9 languages


  • There is no advanced way of searching a specific file
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